The Best Websites to Buy Orchids as Gifts

When you give an Orchid as a gift, it really does matter where you buy your Orchid plants from. With one Orchid grower you buy from online, your Orchid could already be in bloom when it arrives. From the next Orchid grower who sells online, the Orchid you receive as a gift may start flowering months from now. With yet the next Orchid grower, you may have to wait months, a year or more for bloom from your new Orchids. Some growers you buy from online will just send the Orchid in a pot, while others will include a gift basket and more.

We only list growers in this Website reviews article who send the best Orchid plants. To us, the best company for Orchid gift delivery will let you buy that last minute gift so that you know your Orchid gift will get there on time. Sending the gift of Orchids can be a wonderful experience for both buyer and Orchid recipient.

The next time you want to buy Orchids, here are the best Websites we found from our tests and experiences, to buy Orchids as gifts.

  1. Carter and Holmes has a large online store at here. Their store is packed with Cattleya, Cymbidium, Oncidium, Paphiopedilum, Phalaeonopsis, Phragmipedium, Vanda and other Orchids. We highly recommend their store as we have been to their nursery and were impressed by both the quality and size of the operation. We have bought Orchids from them in person as well as online. Each Orchid plant gift we bought was a stunning Orchid.
  2. With so many thousands of Orchid species in the world, the best selection of Orchid species we have found is in the eBay Orchid Species store here. When you buy Orchid species plants, you can get some of the most interesting Orchids in the world.
  3. We went to Kawamoto Orchids and were very impressed with their Dendrobium Orchids. They have a wonderful clean set of Orchid greenhouses which are packed with beautiful Orchids that are grown to perfection.
  4. If you want many ideas of Orchid plants and cut flowers to buy, eBay Orchids is packed with Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, species and more Orchids here.
  5. The full list of Orchids at includes Cymbidiums, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis plants and more Orchids. You can see them here at this Amazon page.


Many people have given roses, tulips and other flowers as a gift, but not yet considered Orchids. Having worked with Orchids for a long time as well as many Orchid growers, we have had terrific experiences with growing Orchids, buying books and also buying Air Plants from the Websites we discussed in this article.

Improve SEO Ranking for Your Website

If you’re on a quest to help your Website to achieve awesome SEO rankings, we can help you find the right tool or tools to improve your SEO ranking factors.

  1. When you think about SEO ranking, make sure you choose a tool that can also help you analyze mobile rankings. Today mobile analytics are very important for on page SEO.
  2. Instead of thinking about only Google ranking and Google SEO, also think about on page SEO for Bing, Yahoo and other important search engines as well.
  3. Beyond watching your SEO rankings, improve usability for visitors since search engines ultimately want to help people find what they need online.
  4. As you research on page optimization, ensure you choose a CMS that has been built and evolved with SEO technology in mind. This can help ensure a site redesign through a new SEO friendly platform won’t be needed at a later time.
  5. If you’re thinking about keyword tracking with SEO tools, you may not need to pay extra money for 500, 1000 or more keywords. You can usually start with what you need, and pay for more keyword tracking as needed in groups of 100 or 500.
  6. Don’t forget about International SEO. Many businesses can benefit with more traffic outside the United States such as from Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy and France.
  7. Since the title tag and meta description are two of the most important Google ranking factors, ensure your SEO tools can optimize these tags.

5 Ways to Find the Best SEO Software

It isn’t always easy to find the best SEO software for company needs since one size doesn’t fit all. Some SEO platforms have enhanced but more expensive capabilities a smaller business may not be able to use.

Other SEO tools may focus on local SEO, Google rankings or more on other factors. Most importantly, you’ll need a tool or platform that can take into account SEO ranking factors and provide metrics to sustain the best SEO ranking you can get for your Website.

  1. If you have a small or non existent SEO team while researching SEO software, get ready to hire one or more team members designated for SEO management. A quality SEO program can grow faster with designated SEO team members in place.
  2. For most Websites, mobile search shouldn’t be a priority over desktop Web browsers. In our expert opinion, both mobile and desktop user and SEO experiences are equally important.
  3. To have a high SEO rank for your Website, it can be useful to utilize SEO software that is designed to increase local SEO. Of course some Websites don’t need to worry about local SEO if there is no location specific audience.
  4. Google ranking should always be present in SEO tools.
  5. A powerful, quality SEO metrics dashboard will have views for the CEO, VPs, managers and team members. Ideally each view can be customized.
  6. As you look for the perfect SEO tool with search engine rank reporting, ensure you can try the software either for free or that you can cancel with no charge to your credit card in the first few days.

Job Search Website Review: LinkedIn

This review is for the job search and networking Website LinkedIn. We found LinkedIn to be a very useful job hunting Website for 5 primary reasons:

  1. offers many features for free without upgrading. Many members are able to do everything they want unless they need additional features such as InMail and advanced features.
  2. A LinkedIn profile can be so thorough to help with employment possibilities that is also serves as a resume. When a member logs in, they can also export their profile as a resume in PDF format.
  3. When searching for jobs through LinkedIn, it is possible to refine a search to find exactly the location, company type and job title needed.
  4. When applying for positions through LinkedIn, it is possible to see if you have any connections that can introduce you to the hiring manager.
  5. You have the ability to see status updates from people and companies (if their settings are public) and they can see your updates as well if you want.

Join LinkedIn for free here.

Best 3 Sites to Buy and Sell Stock Photography

We tested out many stock photography sites and found the three that had the best combined offerings. These three sites not only have many features, but in common they have the ability to buy or sell stock photography. In our research, we especially looked at stock photo pricing, site layout, image selection, quality of photos and variety of formats.

It can take a lot of time as well as experience to go out and photograph, if you’re not used to doing so. In addition, taking natural photos means waiting for the perfect moments of action and lighting to capture photographs. Setting up product photos can take a lot of time. Hiring models can be expensive, especially if you need many models.

  1. Shutterstock – At, you can find over 50 million stock images, videos and vectors to choose from with at least 5o,000 images added daily. Shutterstock was founded in 2003 by Jon Oringer, is headquartered in New York, and provides stock footage, stock photos and stock music. The site is packed with media and is easy to search through. It features vectors, illustrations, royalty-free footage, high quality music and more. Examples of photos you can find include business, dancing, dancers, travel and fashion. You can buy and sell both images and videos at
  2. iStockphoto – At, you can find photos, vector art, stock footage and audio which can be used online or in print. iStock was founded by Bruce Livingstone in May of 2000, with credits needed to pay for each item ranging from 1 to 150 per image (or for a collection of images). iStockPhoto provides offers such as 4 free months, 20% off images and annual subscriptions. You can buy or sell stock photos at
  3. Fotolia – At, you can find royalty free videos, vectors, photos and images. With offices in Seattle, Washington, Paris, New York, Fotolia was founded in 2005. The site offers a staggering 20 million plus affordable videos, vectors and images in their image bank, and the purchased images can be used for print or online needs. You can sell buy and sell pictures at

Best Companies to Buy Orchids Online

After looking in depth through Orchid sellers online, we recommend these Orchid sellers below who sell through Amazon. Amazon does work with dozens of businesses that sell Orchids, and these are the companies with the best selection, prices and quality.

  1. ProFlowers – Great quality and company
  2. 1-800-FLOWERS – Nice selection of Orchids
  3. – Orchids backed by Amazon
  4. Laura Cole LLC – Beautiful selection of unique Orchids
  5. Wayfair – Stunning Orchids
  6. UnbeatableSale, Inc – Great prices on quality Orchids
  7. Carter and Holmes Orchids – Interesting Orchid selection for collectors