5 Places to Find the Best Groupon Deals Now

Get the best Groupon deals

With the five pages we list throughout this article from the Groupon Website, you can start getting unexpected deals right now. These deal pages are frequently refreshed and include top picks from customers, clearance goods, customer favorites under $25, the ability to browse coupons by store, and all top Groupon coupons that are valid today.


Top Picks Made By Customers

Groupon has a top picks page which is customized to include local discounts. Not only can you find meal dealsĀ  at local restaurants but also local events. Frequently Groupon features special offers on health products, beauty supplies, and other relevant items. View Groupon top picks >

Clearance Goods

The clearance section at Groupon can help you find deals to save as much as 90% off a regular price. It can be a no-brainer to buy some of the short-term deals offered in the clearance section. This section contains baby products, kids toys, food and drink deals, home and garden specials, jewelry, watches, household essentials, women’s fashion items, and outdoor supplies. Whether you need to find a healthcare product to treat psoriasis or even shop for sporting goods for a baseball game, the clearance goods section is a great place to start. Shop clearance goods >

$25 and Under Customer Favorites

You can save money with these items that are under $25 and many are customer favorites! There are health and beauty products, food and drink choices, local things to do, and many more types of favorites to choose from. Browse customer favorites under $25 >

Browse Coupons by Store

The browse coupons by store section is helpful to find great deals from local and online stores. Examples of popular stores listed include Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Walgreens, Petsmart, eBay, Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, Best Buy, and Priceline. Shop coupons by store >

Today’s Offers and Top Coupons

This section features over 70,000 free coupons and more than 9,000 stores. Coupons we’ve seen in this section have included Domino’s Pizza, Bowflex, Kohl’s, Great Clips, Macy’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Adidas, and quite a few more. See today’s offers >


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