Job Search Website Review: LinkedIn

Job Search Website Review for LinkedIn

This review is about the useful job search and professional networking Website LinkedIn. We find LinkedIn to be a very popular networking and job hunting Website for 5 primary reasons:

  1. offers a variety of features for free without upgrading at a cost. Members can do everything they need unless they need additional items such as InMail or advanced features.
  2. A LinkedIn profile can be so thorough to help with employment possibilities that is also serves as a resume. When a member logs in, they can also export their profile as a resume in PDF format.
  3. When searching for jobs through LinkedIn, it is possible to refine a search to find exactly the location, company type and job title needed.
  4. When applying for positions through LinkedIn, it is possible to see if you have any connections that can introduce you to the hiring manager.
  5. You have the ability to see status updates from people and companies (if their settings are public) and they can see your updates as well if you want.

Join LinkedIn for free here.

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