Learn About Using Google Express

Google Express features a wide range of stores and delivers to your doorstep today, tomorrow, or the following day

If you want to save time from your list of shopping errands this weekend, Google Express may be able to deliver products for you today or tomorrow. Google Express is available in a number of major cities and is expanding.

It is easy to run out of household supplies, food items, and other types of products. Google Express is a fast and easy service that delivers products to your doorstep so you can save trips to stores such as Target, Costco, or Walgreens. When you shop at stores through the Google Express Website or mobile app, the Google Express team provides you with a delivery window. You can also specify if you want to be present and sign for each delivery.

  • Using Google Express – Google Express allows you to use the device of your choice to browse products from featured stores, add items to your shopping cart, and then quickly check out. If items aren’t available for delivery today (it may be too late in the day or they may be at capacity), you can choose a window no later than 1-2 days from now.
  • Product Substitutions – Google Express let you choose product substitutions that will be at an equal or lesser value. You can decide on product substitutions per item, so if items are out of stock Google Express will know if they need to cancel items.
  • Membership – There are multiple membership options, depending on how you like to order products. You can order one item with a one time delivery fee or join at a monthly rate.
  • Free Trial – Some locations have a free three month trial for Google Express.
  • Stores to Buy From – Some popular stores that you can buy from through Google Express include Costco, Target, Walgreens, Whole Foods, REI, and Smart & Final. The list of stores to browse through has been growing consistently.
  • Product Categories – Categories of products sold include Home, Health & Beauty, Apparel, Toys, Grocery, Electronics, Office Supplies, Wine & Spirits, Sports & Fitness, and Baby.

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